The U.S. Green Building Council developed the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) to help encourage the development of green buildings, building practices and green operations. teraforé green cleaning products can help your property qualify for the green building point under the LEED Existing Building and Operations Management (EBOM) program.

While teraforé green cleaning products are not Green Seal® GS 37 certified, our qualifying products have been tested and they do meet or exceed GS 37 standards. teraforé is committed to continuing to improve our environment and provide products that are safe for the earth and the air you breathe. We set our own standards and criteria for beyond green and we challenge our staff to develop green cleaners that beat our standards and raise the bar. So while we don't have a 3rd party sticker on our products, you can be confident we deliver beyond green at a great value for your organization! And if needed, we can provide you with the information to prove our products meet the Green Seal® GS 37 standards.

If you're interested in the green cleaning point for your property or business, please contact us today!

what it means to be teraforé green...

Green Cleaners

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