A family-owned and operated business for over 30 years, HealthWay has led the way in new technology designed to improve the quality of the environments in which we live. HealthWay advanced, medical-grade air filtration systems are known around the globe to be amongst the most effective air cleaners available. These products are the result of a passion and mission of the business and its employees to provide products that have a significant impact on improving the indoor air quality that we spend so much of our time in at home and at work.

This same passion and commitment to a healthier living environment brought about a new line of solutions designed to further improve indoor air quality - teraforé. While HealthWay air cleaners can substantially improve the air quality through advanced filtration, teraforé green cleaning products address the issue at the source by offering an effective, but healthier cleaning product alternative to traditional household and commercial cleaning agents.

Green Cleaners

Unlike competing cleaners, teraforé products are made from 100% biodegradable, plant-based materials - which means they not only provide a safer living environment, but they’re also more environmentally-friendly. And, not only are teraforé products free of dye and phosphates, our products do not release Volatile Organic Compounds into the air you breathe. These pollutants have been linked in numerous studies to increased asthma and allergy rates, particularly amongst children. In fact, unlike competing green products, all our products contain our naturally-derived, anti-allergen solution, specially formulated to render allergens harmless.

Being green, though, shouldn’t mean sacrificing effectiveness. teraforé products are not only packaged and formulated to lessen impact on air quality and the environment, they’re also formulated to provide safe, but effective performance in cleaning as well as disinfecting surfaces to remove harmful bacteria and viruses. We’re so confident in the effectiveness of teraforé, we offer a 100% performance guarantee!

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Commercial Green Cleaning


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